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    Join the Propel SEL Professional Learning Community

    The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board invites you to join the Propel SEL Professional Learning Community!

    Propel SEL is a 12-month action learning project for 2-4 person teams from organizations that offer out-of-school youth development and mentoring programs for youth in grades 6-12 in the nine county metro area. The goal is to increase the amount intentional  social-emotional learning practices in each team's organization.

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    Shaming over school lunch debts has to stop, Minnesota legislator says

    Star Tribune - Kids whose families fall behind on school lunch payments should not be shamed over the money due, and districts employing hard-line tactics could run the risk of having state aid withheld from them, a state lawmaker said Tuesday.


    Jay-Z Stops Concert To Give Empowering Message To 9-Year-Old Girl

    Huffington PostJay-Z interrupted his own show to deliver some inspirational advice to a young girl in the audience.


    Why are African-Americans and Latinos underrepresented in elite U.S. colleges?

    MPRA New York Times analysis, found that African-Americans and Latinos are two of the most underrepresented groups at top universities in the United States. In fact, the percentage of first year students who are African-American or Latino at elite colleges has barely budged in more than 30 years.


    Minneapolis schools dish out Kid Kimchi to stretch students' taste buds

    Star Tribune - Picky eaters were few and far between in a cafeteria full of the city’s youngest food critics.


    Lucy Laney elementary students take to the KMOJ airwaves

    KARE 11The students at Lucy Laney Elementary in Minneapolis took over the KMOJ radio airwaves last week.


    Undefeated: For Red Lake boxers, a requiem in the ring

    MPR - Antonio Varney stands 6 feet tall, 149 pounds. He's 16, lanky, quiet. A few guys call him The Beast.


    For underprivileged teens, tech center offers chance to build critical skills

    MPRLast year, Kiara Raquel was launching her natural skin care line when she made a discovery that would change the way she does business.


    How One District Solved Its Special Education Dropout Problem

    Huffington Post - Ryan Parry was dismayed when he started his career as a high school special education math teacher 19 years ago. While general education classrooms at Covina High School in this town in the Valley east of Los Angeles were stocked with algebra and geometry books, Parry was given a book that covered only basic math. He remembers thinking it looked like a book you’d find in an elementary school, with a picture of the numbers 1 through 9 written in the sand of a beach on the cover.


    How mass shootings are forcing schools to re-evaluate safety

    MPR - After gunman Kevin Janson Neal killed his wife and then two neighbors Tuesday morning he headed for Rancho Tehama Elementary School, weapons in hand.


    The Low Number Of Students With Disabilities Graduating From College Is A Crisis

    Huffington Post - About a third of the students with disabilities who enroll in a four-year college or university graduate within eight years. For those that enroll in two-year schools, the outcomes aren’t much better: 41 percent, according to federal data.


    YCB Outreach Team

    Rainbow Research recently completed its evaluation of the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board's Outreach Team. During the 2015-16 school year Rainbow Research assessed the youth workers abilities interact, engage, challenge and impact the lives of youth and staff at Anwatin, Franklin and Northeast Middle Schools as well as Henry High School.

    MplsYcb MplsYCB MplsYcb

    The Minneapolis Youth Congress Inducts New Members For The 2017 - 2018 School Year

    On Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 the Minneapolis Youth Congress welcomed in its 2017-18 cohort at its 11th annual Oath of Office held at City Hall. Over 40 youth were sworn in at the ceremony that night, with the help of Judge David Piper and MPS Board of Education Director Don Samuels.

    Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

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