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    Summer Student Go-To Passes

    Summer Student Passes are here!  High school students can get unlimited rides on buses and trains up to a $3 fare* and you can ride anytime between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day of the week. Passes are valid from June 1 through Sept. 5.



    School choice splits Twin Cities suburbs into haves, have-nots

    Star Tribune - The bus cruising through Eden Prairie neighborhoods in the morning looks like any other yellow school bus.


    Minnesota schools say new pre-K money will help meet rising need

    MPR - Minnesota's school leaders say new opportunities for free preschool are in high demand this school year.


    The Department of Education cuts off a student loan watchdog

    MPR - The letters "CFPB" may not be much more than alphabet soup to your average student loan borrower. They stand for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new-ish federal agency — created in 2011 — with a unique mission and a big effect on student lenders and for-profit colleges accused of defrauding or otherwise mistreating Americans.


    Minneapolis' black families lead the way in fleeing to other schools

    Star Tribune - Once it was the biggest school district in the state. Now Minneapolis Public Schools is the biggest loser in Minnesota’s robust school-choice environment, surrendering more kids to charter schools and other public school options than any other district.


    Teen Does The Honorable Thing After Finding Lost Wallet With $1,500 Inside

    Huffington PostTyler Opdyke didn’t think twice after he found a lost wallet with $1,500 inside.


    Once teased for her love of bugs, 8-year-old co-authors scientific paper

    MPR Sophia Spencer, 8, loves bugs — especially grasshoppers. She's an expert on insects, and likes to give her littlest friends an occasional ride on her shoulder.


    How one group is working to build a more diverse teaching force

    MPR - There are more nonwhite teachers than there used to be. But the nation's teaching force still doesn't look like America. One former education school dean is out to change that.


    Minnesota set to revamp how public schools are graded

    Star Tribune - After years of intense pressure on school test scores, the state's education department on Monday submitted a final plan to the federal government that broadens its previous reach — promising to evaluate more schools than before, and in a well-rounded fashion.


    Teens and tattoos: Pediatricians offer advice

    KARE 11In a sign of changing times, the nation's largest organization of pediatric doctors is issuing recommendations for teens thinking about getting a tattoo, body piercing or body modification. 


    How to make every grade more like kindergarten

    MPR - When Mitch Resnick was growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, he and his little brother were always making up new games. For example, he says, "In the basement, throw a tennis ball so it goes between the pipes in the ceiling for two points, and bounces off the pipe for one point."


    YCB Outreach Team

    Rainbow Research recently completed its evaluation of the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board's Outreach Team. During the 2015-16 school year Rainbow Research assessed the youth workers abilities interact, engage, challenge and impact the lives of youth and staff at Anwatin, Franklin and Northeast Middle Schools as well as Henry High School.

    MplsYcb MplsYCB MplsYcb

    The Minneapolis Youth Congress Inducts New Members For The 2016-2017 School Year

    MYC Oath of Office 2016

    The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board and the Minneapolis Youth Congress welcomed its 2016-17 cohort on Nov. 3, 2016. Youth ages 12-18 joined an elite group of teens focused on creating change in the City of Minneapolis. In attendance were City Council Member Cam Gordon, Judge David Piper and Mayor Betsy Hodges.

    Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

    Together, Better.