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Minneapolis Afterschool Network


The Minneapolis Afterschool Network


The purpose of the Minneapolis Afterschool Network is to ensure ALL Minneapolis children and youth (ages 5-24) have access to safe, comprehensive, high quality afterschool opportunities that support positive youth development, social and emotional learning, educational achievement, career readiness and community engagement. 

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Rachel Oberg-Hauser is the Director of Projects at the Youth Coordinating Board and leads the Minneapolis Afterschool Network initiative. Please reach out to Rachel to learn more about the Minneapolis Afterschool Network. 

Rachel  Oberg-Hauser

Rachel Oberg-Hauser

Director of Projects

Phone: 612-673-2131


Do You Have An Open Youth Worker Job To Promote? Let Us Help!

Do you have an open job that you want to fill with the best possible candidate? One of the roles of the Minneapolis Afterschool Network is to ensure the youth work field of Minneapolis remains healthy by promoting professional development opportunities and by making sure we're all aware of important open youth work positions. We're here to help spread news about your open positions! We've now made it easier than ever with a short form that will guide you through the essential information we need. Now there is no need to contact us to have a back-and-forth! Find our new form HERE and we'll have your information in our next newsletter and social media soon. Thank you!  

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Upcoming Trainings + Workshops!

M3 Huddle

The M3 Huddle is a facilitated workshop bringing program teams together to intentionally make meaning of program data and plan action steps for improvements. For those who haven’t been involved in a huddle before…HERE is an overview of what it is all about.  

If you have questions about whether your team is ready to participate in an M3 Huddle, contact to consult.


Virtual Training

Date + Time: January 23 & 24, 2024. 9am-1pm on the 23rd; 9am-noon on the 24th. 
Register your Team HERE - only one form per team


In-Person Training

Date + Time: February 8, 2024 at 9:30am-3:30pm.
Location: Longfellow Recreation Center.
Register your Team HERE - only one form per team


In-Person Training

Date + Time: March 1, 2024 at 9:30am-3:30pm.
Location: Northeast Library
Register your Team HERE - only one form per team

Data Visualization Presentations

More and more these days, organizations want initiatives that are data driven. Collecting and understanding data is one thing, but being able to present it is another. We value data here at the YCB and that's why we partnered with SPROCKETS ST. PAUL and WALDEN UNIVERSITY to conduct Zoom presentations on data visualization. This live presentation occurred on June 18th, 2020 and you can watch the recordings here. Presentation slides are also available in PDF format. 

A big thanks to our friends at Sprockets and Walden University and everyone that joined! 

Playworks Minnesota Provides Resources Around Play Time

On June 10th, SPROCKETS, PLAYWORKS MN and the YCB came together to host a Playworks learning session. During the video call Playworks shared activities and other resources which you can now access too. 

If you organization would like to connect with Brandon Elsner of Playworks directly to learn more you can email him at

You can watch a portion of our video call and download a helpful PDF. 

Linda Benford - Meet A Youth Worker

The Minneapolis Afterschool Network highlights different youth workers within our community and today we introduce you to Linda Benford of We Win Institute. Ms. Benford's ability to connect and willingness to share her wisdom with us enhances our community. We thank Ms. Benford for her work and others doing the same work!

Psychological First Aid Training Video

On Tuesday 6-2-2020 we hosted a psychological first aid (PFA) training with Ignite Afterschool, Sprockets and the Minnesota Department of Health. With so much going on right now it's likely you are feeling emotions you might not be able to pin-point. We recorded our presentation and it might help you understand what you're feeling and thinking. Please check it out if it's useful and share with others. 

If you think your organization or network would like a PFA training, please reach out to Nancy Carlson at the Minnesota Department of Health —

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