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Minneapolis Afterschool Network


The Minneapolis Afterschool Network


The purpose of the Minneapolis Afterschool Network is to ensure ALL Minneapolis children and youth (ages 5-24) have access to safe, comprehensive, high quality afterschool opportunities that support positive youth development, social and emotional learning, educational achievement, career readiness and community engagement. 

You can gain a better understanding about the Afterschool Network at the LEARN MORE PAGE.

Rachel Oberg-Hauser is the Director of Projects at the Youth Coordinating Board and leads the Minneapolis Afterschool Network initiative. Please reach out to Rachel to learn more about the Minneapolis Afterschool Network. 

Rachel  Oberg-Hauser

Rachel Oberg-Hauser

Director of Projects

Phone: 612-673-2131


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Upcoming Trainings + Workshops!

Making Meaning of Program Data in the Time of COVID – Virtual M3 Huddles and Alternatives

M3 VIRTUAL Huddles

In February 2021, we will be co-hosting two Virtual M3 Huddles in partnership with Sprockets St. Paul, Ignite Afterschool, and United Way Central Minnesota: Partner for Student Success.

For those who haven’t been involved in a huddle before… HERE is a bit of an overview of what it is all about. The virtual M3 Huddle version is spread over two days with approx. 3-hour sessions each day. If you are interested in participating, please register for ONE of the following options on behalf of your team:

Option #1: February 4th and 5th (Thursday 9am-12:30pm/Friday 9-11:30am)

Option #2: February 11th and 12th (Thursday 9am-12:30pm/Friday 9-11:30am)

During the virtual session, teams move into breakout rooms for their group times. This fall we piloted the process with two of the program teams having all their members work from home, and one with a team meeting (social distanced) together in a boardroom.  Both options were successful and we will work with you to accommodate your situation.  We are using MIRO as the online platform to replace the traditional paper graphics. Here is a tutorial put together for the pilot session that will give you a visual of what MIRO looks like. We will share additional information closer to the date. At least one person from your team will need to be willing to learn about the platform to take notes for the team but as many as like can do so.


1. If you're not sure you're ready for a Huddle check out the attached decision tree to determine whether the upcoming Work With What You Got session is a better fit or a good starting point. Rachel Oberg-Hauser would be happy to talk through this with you:

2. If you don't think either option will work for you but you're interested in Continuous Program Improvement, please contact for a consultation.


It's That Easy! Workshop: Raising Sexually Healthy Youth

Hosted by YWCA of Minneapolis in partnership with Northpoint Health and Wellness. Honest, accurate information about sex — particularly from parents and caregivers — is the first step toward raising healthy children who make responsible decisions about sex.

Come join YWCA Minneapolis Community and Health Educators from NorthPoint Health and Wellness for our It’s That Easy! Workshop where you will learn about typical adolescent development and identify your values around relationships and sexuality. Develop tools and strategies to engage youth in these important conversations.

Workshop Option #1:
Date: Tuesday, January 12
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm

Workshop Option #2:
Date: Wednesday, January 13
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm


Visit Our What's Up 612! Page

Special Summer 2020 Version of What's Up 612! Launches

Hello Afterschool + Summer Providers! We are piloting a new version of What’s Up 612! this summer! What’s Up 612! is a FREE citywide online resource where youth, parents, educators, youth workers and everyone who knows a young person can find afterschool and summer activities and programs in Minneapolis for ages 5-24.

We are currently getting program providing organizations registered via our ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION FORM. Once you submit your application and your organization is approved, we'll have you submit information about your program(s). 

Due to COVID-19, program and activities for youth look will look very different this summer, but we're hoping What's Up 612! will give clarity to policy makers, partner organizations and families in Minneapolis.


Data Visualization Presentations

More and more these days, organizations want initiatives that are data driven. Collecting and understanding data is one thing, but being able to present it is another. We value data here at the YCB and that's why we partnered with SPROCKETS ST. PAUL and WALDEN UNIVERSITY to conduct Zoom presentations on data visualization. This live presentation occurred on June 18th, 2020 and you can watch the recordings here. Presentation slides are also available in PDF format. 

A big thanks to our friends at Sprockets and Walden University and everyone that joined! 

Playworks Minnesota Provides Resources Around Play Time

On June 10th, SPROCKETS, PLAYWORKS MN and the YCB came together to host a Playworks learning session. During the video call Playworks shared activities and other resources which you can now access too. 

If you organization would like to connect with Brandon Elsner of Playworks directly to learn more you can email him at

You can watch a portion of our video call and download a helpful PDF. 

Linda Benford - Meet A Youth Worker

The Minneapolis Afterschool Network highlights different youth workers within our community and today we introduce you to Linda Benford of We Win Institute. Ms. Benford's ability to connect and willingness to share her wisdom with us enhances our community. We thank Ms. Benford for her work and others doing the same work!

Psychological First Aid Training Video

On Tuesday 6-2-2020 we hosted a psychological first aid (PFA) training with Ignite Afterschool, Sprockets and the Minnesota Department of Health. With so much going on right now it's likely you are feeling emotions you might not be able to pin-point. We recorded our presentation and it might help you understand what you're feeling and thinking. Please check it out if it's useful and share with others. 

If you think your organization or network would like a PFA training, please reach out to Nancy Carlson at the Minnesota Department of Health —

Nesani Sabal - Meet A Youth Worker

The Minneapolis Afterschool Network highlights different youth workers within our community and today we introduce you to Nesani Sabal of We Win Institute. Nesani's big smile and positive energy makes our community that much better. We thank Nesani for her work and others doing the same work!

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