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Cam Gordon

Cam Gordon

Minneapolis City Council Member

Phone: 612-673-2202

Cam Gordon has represented the Second Ward and a City Councilmember since 2006. He is the Council's sole Green Party member. His key values include ecological sustainability, nonviolence, grassroots democracy and social economic justice. Cam chairs the Council's Health, Environment and Community Engagement committee and vice chairs the Council's Public Safety, Civil Rights and Emergency Management committee. He serves on several other City Council committees including the Executive, Transportation and Public Works, and Claims committees.
In addition, he serves on the Minneapolis Food Council, Red Rock Corridor Commission, Cedar Riverside Partnership, University District Partnership, Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee and previous chair of the Youth Coordinating Board.

Cam was born and raised in Minneapolis and has lived in or near the second ward since 1977 in the Cedar-Riverside, Longfellow and Seward neighborhoods. He currently lives in a duplex he owns in Seward with his wife, Sara, and 4 of their children. Cam graduated from West High School in Minneapolis in 1973 and from the University of Minnesota in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in education. He subsequently completed graduate work in early childhood development and Montessori education and worked as a teacher throughout the 80s and 90s. Before joining the City Council in 2006, he operated a small child care program and children's music company and was Associate Editor of the newspaper, Public School Montessorian. He authored the book, Together with Montessori, an introductory guide Montessori education.
Cam helped found the Minnesota Green Party, and has served on the boards of FairVote Minnesota, Common Cause Minnesota, the Minneapolis Center for Neighborhoods, the Seward Neighborhood Group and the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Policy Board in the early 2000s.