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Minneapolis Youth Data Page

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Welcome to the YCB's data page!

Here you'll find data we've collected across several public bodies in Minneapolis in one place to explore data trends and learn more about the young people of Minneapolis. We hope you'll find this page useful!


How to use this page

  • Click on tabs below to explore different data dashboards and maps to learn more about the young people in Minneapolis
  • Download an Excel (.xlsx) file with the raw data used to create the dashboards and maps to use for your own purposes or to visualize the data yourself

Data Tables

Please use the tabs to navigate to different data sets.

Downloadable Data Files

Other Data Resources

Youth Opportunity Atlas

In a collaboration with Raj Chetty and Nathan Hendren from Harvard University and John Friedman from Brown University, the U.S. Census Bureau constructed the Opportunity Atlas, a comprehensive Census tract-level dataset of children’s outcomes in adulthood using data covering nearly the entire U.S. population. For each tract, we estimate children’s outcomes in adulthood such as earnings distributions and incarceration rates by parental income, race, and gender. These estimates allow us to trace the roots of outcomes such as poverty and incarceration to the neighborhoods in which children grew up.

U.S Census Data

Some of the data used by the City of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board is sourced from the U.S Census Bureau. Please visit the U.S Census Bureau website for more data.

Minneapolis Ward Summaries

We've created ward summaries to give people a better snapshot of youth data per ward. You can download all 13 ward summaries as a PDF below. 

A Note on Data Regarding Native Youth

The YCB strives to be a place where youth organizations can access resources and information that bolster their work with young people. However, we must recognize the shortcomings of the information we pull together from outside sources as some indicators do not include data on Native youth. To underreport or suppress data on Native youth is to continue the erasure of Native peoples, which the YCB stands firmly against.


The YCB will always prioritize quality data that adheres to best practices, including but not limited to representative sample sizes that allow us to draw conclusions and robust data collection and research methods. We also believe that quality data is data that captures the full diversity of young people in Minneapolis, and we must balance including Native youth in racial disaggregations while not overgeneralizing experiences and outcomes of Native youth based on a small sample size. Data-driven decision making only works when the data we use is inclusive of communities who have been historically marginalized and erased through biased data sampling and interpretation.


We will continue to work with our jurisdictional partners who collect the data we share out to include Native youth in all racial disaggregations, and to include Native youth who identify with one or more race or ethnicity. Data on our community and our young people ought to honor the existence and experiences of Native peoples. For more information on best practices and key issues on disaggregating data among American Indians/Alaska Natives, check out the National Congress American Indians' data page.

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments about this page please contact Leo Jeronimo via email. Please subscribe to the YCB newsletter and follow the YCB on Facebook & Twitter. 

Leo Jeronimo

Leo Jeronimo

Strategic Planning Specialist