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Youth Coordinating Board's 25th Anniversary Mural (2010)


For 30 years the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) has coordinated the efforts of the four largest Minneapolis Public Jurisdictions - the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minneapolis Parks and Recreation and the Minneapolis Public Schools - to champion the well-being and healthy development of Minneapolis children and youth through collaborative action and policy alignment.

Founded in 1985 through the leadership of Mayor Don Fraser at the urging of Superintendent Richard Greene, the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) continues to remain a unique intergovernmental model that convenes and connects organizations in Minneapolis, across jurisdictions with the goal of implementing and coordinating policies, opportunities and services that benefit Minneapolis children and youth.

In 1987, the YCB embarked on City's Children: 2007, which would be the first of many successful YCB initiatives, including We Want You Back community-wide effort to re-enroll and help students finish high school, Way to GROW  for early childhood development and the Step-Up program for summer youth employment (now both administered by independent agencies).

Nearly 30 years later the YCB implemented the Call to Action in 2012; a plan laying out the 4 goals needed to be achieved in order that Minneapolis become the best city in the United States for children and young people.  An interjurisdictional team determined the primary focus areas for each of the goals which form the basis for the YCB’s work today and will into the future. 

In 2014, the YCB launched the Minneapolis Afterschool Network ensuring that all Minneapolis young people have access to safe, quality opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.  In addition to professional development opportunities for youth work professionals and a data base of information about the impact of afterschool activities on student success, it has its own website dedicated to connecting youth to afterschool programs and activities in Minneapolis called What's Up 612! 

In the fall of 2015, the YCB released YCB Reports in conjunction with the Minneapolis Health Department.  This report lays out critical demographic data about Minneapolis’ children and young people.  The addition of Voices of Our Generation gives a very good picture of the City of Minneapolis in the voice of the young people of Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Youth Congress is one of its most successful and important accomplishments of the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board. Established through a Youth Coordinating Board resolution followed by Minneapolis City Council, Hennepin County Commission, Minneapolis Public School Board and Minneapolis Park Board resolutions in 2006, the MYC is unique to the Youth Coordinating Board.  The Minneapolis Youth Congress is constituted of fifty-five members, eighth through twelfth grade, from across the City giving them the opportunity to help ensure that, when the public jurisdictions consider policy and regulations impacting youth, there will be “no decision about us, without us” and has proven invaluable to elected officials and city leaders.