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MYC Archive

MYC Archive

Since its inception, MYC has worked hard to make a difference in the lives of its peers and communities. With the help of elected officials in the city, schools, parks, county and police department MYC has been able to effectively create change. The most recent work of the MYC will be highlighted on the MAIN MYC PAGE, but this page will archive all the great work the MYC has done in the past. 

Initial Youth Investment Task Force Meeting

The Youth Investment Task Force — a coalition of the public, private, and civic sectors — held their initial meeting. Their aim is to better fund out of school time programming. The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board and the Minneapolis Youth Congress both were a part of this meeting. We hope to develop a strong plan that will serve youth & families in our city. 

Thanks to MAYOR JACOB FREY'S OFFICE for providing these photos. 

MYC Oath of Office 2019-20

The Minneapolis Youth Congress (MYC) has been one of the most important youth organizations for handful of years. They help with all sorts of initiatives around the city and we recently welcomed the class of 2019-20 with a special celebration. We invited a handful of special guests to speak about the importance of having a youth voice & presence in the community, welcomed family members to celebrate, and brought together youth supporters to fill City Hall with love. You'll find a full photo gallery of the 2019-20 Oath of Office celebration to the left. 

2019 MYC Senior Celebration

Every year we welcome a new cohort of MYC members, but we also say bye to another. The graduating class of 2019 was a special one and celebrated their send off with 1 final gathering — oh, and with lots of cake! Thanks for all that you did and good luck with all future endeavors! 

2018 MYC Senior Celebration

On Thursday, June 29, 2018 the Minneapolis Youth Congress held its annual senior celebration honoring its 2018 high school graduates, who are now college bound.

MYC Graduation Celebration 2017

In June of 2017 the Minneapolis Youth Congress held its annual graduation party celebrating its seniors' completion of high school. Other MYC members and coordinators joined in on the festivities dining on homemade ribs and potatoes cooked by chef and MYC coordinator Johnell Hallman, as well as cake and sparkling cider. This year MYC said goodbye to seven seniors, who are now headed off to start their next chapter, college.

MYC Oath of Office 2017

On Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 the Minneapolis Youth Congress welcomed in its 2017-18 cohort at its 11th annual Oath of Office held at City Hall. Over 40 youth were sworn in at the ceremony that night, with the help of Judge David Piper and MPS Board of Education Director Don Samuels.

MYC Oath of Office Ceremony 2016

The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board and the Minneapolis Youth Congress welcomed its 2016-17 cohort on Nov. 3, 2016. Youth ages 12-18 joined an elite group of teens focused on creating change in the City of Minneapolis.

MYC Oath of Office 2016

MYC Oath of Office Ceremony 2015

On Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015 the Minneapolis Youth Congress held its 9th annual Oath of Office at City Hall. MYC inducted over 60 members at their ceremony that night with the help of Councilman Cam Gordon and Councilman John Quincy.

MYC Oath of Office 2015

MYC Teams Up with Metro Transit to Promote Summer Bus Passes

Check out some of the photos expected to be used in the Metro Transit's Summer "Go To" Bus Pass campaign as well as some of shots from behind the scenes.

"Go To" Passes

In January of 2011 the Minneapolis Youth Congress partnered with Metro Transit to create a pilot project of 50 youth riders with "Go To" passes. The project was designed to give Metro Transit insight into the youth rider experience on Minneapolis Metro Transit buses and trains. Each youth rider completed an initial survey that captured their own experience with riding public transportation and their thought about the public transportation system in general.

On a monthly basis MYC members saw a change in youth ridership. seasonal ridership, shifts in ridership depending on geographic area and an increase in positive behaviors of riders with each other.

From the experience MYC members concluded that "Go To" passes allowed the young people to go outside of their normal boundaries. They were also able to encourage other young people to use Metro Transit to get to their designated location.


MSR Hosts Workshops For MYC

In July of 2019 MSR DESIGN planned & held 3-weeks of architectural design workshops for the Minneapolis Youth Congress. Everyone learned a lot & had a ton of fun. We want to thank MSR for being great community partner and for having a positive impact on youth!

You'll find a short documentary highlighting our time at MSR to the side. 

MYC Visits Water Bar (2019)

MYC visited a workshop at Water Bar & Public Studio. During that visit, MYC members learned more about how to respect & protect ancestral land. They also got to join the larger group in creating art around these concepts. We thank the Water Bar for inviting us back year after year and for educating our community on land & water. 

The Minneapolis Teen Job Fair

Downtown Minneapolis’ Central Library is the location for the Teen Job Fair - an annual event bringing together 600 youth from seven Minneapolis high schools and youth-serving programs from around the city, to learn about opportunities with 40 or more local employers. Job applications, internships, workshops and a “dress for success” Teen Fashion Show highlight the day.  Hennepin County Librarians staff computer stations to help young people identify resources to continue their job search in the future. 

Star Tribune Article About Job Fair

The 2018 Teen Job Fair caught the attention of the Star Tribune. Check out what reporter Miguel Otárola's article on the event.

YCB & MYC Joint Powers Meeting

On the evening of May 24, 2018 the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) and the Minneapolis Afterschool Network held its annual joint powers meeting at Central Library downtown. Youth and board members from the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and the Minneapolis Park & Rec Board.

Youth at the Water Bar

MYC youth and youth from the Neighborhood Hub had the opportunity to learn about water, specifically the quality of water in Minneapolis verses bottled water from the Water Bar& Public Studio located in Northeast. This education and training is all in preparation for the Minneapolis Health Department's "ReTHINK your Drink SLOW ROLL" event this Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018 at Commons Park.


This summer four Minneapolis Youth Congress members had the opportunity to intern at MSR Design once a week for three Thursdays learning the ins and outs of architecture and interior design.

2018 All Nations Annual Pow Wow

On May 11, 2018 South High School held its annual All Nations Pow Wow in honor of its graduating seniors of Native heritage. Despite the gloomy weather representatives from from nations through out the region were in attendance to show support and celebrate in the accomplishments of these young people. Student honorees included: Zachariah Abdulla, Benjamin Arcoren, Natalia Cortez White Eagle, Angelica Deloris, Christian Freed, Avery Hultgren, Javier Jimenez, Alexander Ledoux, Reilly Lonetree, Shaun Lumbar, Lecia Mata, Adrianna Orozco, Christopher Quaderer, Annyliss Quinde, Isiah Smith, Wyatt Smith, Jaelyn Thompson, Melisanda Tucker and Scott Weiser. Each received an eagle feather to mark the event.

MInneapolis Downtown Youth Center

In January of 2018 the Minneapolis Youth Congress participated in a series of visioning sessions. Youth Congress members selected images that represented things they would want in a youth space.

Flavored Tobacco Initiative

Since last year MYC’s public safety committee has been hard at work conducting research and surveys of their peers, where they uncovered some interesting facts about youth and tobacco products. For youth 18 and under that experimented with tobacco products, they found the reasons why  were candy flavors, affordability, availability and accessibility.

In an effort to try and find ways to regulate the usage of e-cigarettes and flavored tobacco flavored products among their peers, MYC partnered with City of Minneapolis Health Department and worked with tobacco experts such as The Association of Non-Smokers of Minnesota, and the Public Health Law Center of William Mitchell College. They shared their recommendations with the HECE committee of City Council and testified in a public hearing on E-cigarette usage, last year.

In June the Tobacco Dealer Ordinance Amendment was brought before the City Council by the Minneapolis Health Department. The goals were to raise the minimum price of one cigarillo to $2.60 and make flavored tobacco products less readily available in Smoke Shops and stores that carry tobacco products. The ordinance would successfully pass in July.

Plan to raise tobacco-buying age moves forward in Minneapolis

Star TribuneAn ordinance that would would ban tobacco sales, including nicotine vaporizer or e-cigarette devices, to those under 21 received a unanimous vote in a Minneapolis City Council committee Monday, after a 2½-hour public hearing in which some defended vaping as an alternative to cigarettes.


Flavored Tobacco Initiative PSA Part 1

Flavored Tobacco Initiative PSA Part 2