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WU612! Provider Information


Instructional Video for Program Providers

Here is a quick instructional video that will help program providers get registered on "What's Up 612!" 

What’s Up 612! Invitation to Afterschool + Summer Providers

Hello Afterschool + Summer Providers!

We are piloting a new version of "What’s Up 612!" What’s Up 612! is a FREE citywide online resource where youth, parents, educators, youth workers and everyone who knows a young person can find afterschool and summer activities and programs in Minneapolis for ages 5-24.

Due to COVID-19, program and activities for youth have looked very different! We need your help providing Minneapolis families with information about program/activity offerings – whether it’s online, in-person or a hybrid. Your efforts will ensure that those who utilize What’s Up 612! will learn about your organization’s program or activity, understand eligibility requirements, and how/when/where to access your program/activity. Additionally, this information will help Minneapolis policymakers to understand what opportunities are available this summer and where more are needed. We also encourage you, as providers, to use What’s Up 612! to see what other opportunities are near you – maybe you want to partner together on some activities?


STEP 1: You will need you to register your organization into the What's Up 612! database (unless you previously did this step — list of previously registered organizations below). To register your organization, complete the Organization Registration Form BY CLICKING HERE. Assume that information submitted via the Organization Registration Form will be made publicly available on What’s Up 612! Once you’ve submitted the Organization Registration Form, we will review and approve* your organization within 48 hours.

STEP 2:  Once your Organization Registration Form is approved, you will receive a link to the Program/Activity Form, where you can complete ONE form for each program/activity offering.


*YCB decides whether to add an organization to the database based on our Inclusion/Exclusion Policy. Read the Inclusion/Exclusion Policy and the Terms + Conditions HERE.



For content questions, contact Rachel Oberg-Hauser:

For technical questions, contact Min Lee:

Here are organizations that have signed onto being a part of "What's Up, 612!" Thanks for bringing high quality programs to youth in Minneapolis!