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Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

Since enactment by state legislation in 1985 the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board (YCB) has been leading a movement to actively and strategically engage the collaborative efforts of the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, community organizations and leaders, young people and the general public in realizing our collective vision for Minneapolis children and young people.

Our Vision:  Minneapolis is a richly diverse city where every child is cherished, every talent nurtured, and every voice respected; where no child or youth is hungry, homeless, hurting or afraid; where children, youth and families are celebrated and supported; where youth and adults treasure what they offer to one another; and where young people grow to enrich their community now and into the future.

Our Mission:  To champion the health, safety, education and development of Minneapolis’ children and young people through collective action and policy alignment.

Our Goals:

  • All Minneapolis children enter kindergarten ready to be successful in school.
  • All Minneapolis young people graduate from High School on time.
  • All Minneapolis young people have access to safe, quality opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.
  • All Minneapolis children and young people will build the grit, curiosity, and character to be contributing citizens and residents engaged in furthering their education, career and civic life.

Together, we will make Minneapolis the best city for children, young people and families.