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    Homecoming duo seemingly born to be royalty

    Demand for campus child care in Minnesota spurs outcry from parents

    Star TribuneThe University of St. Thomas is closing its campus child-care center to make space for a new student wellness facility — a decision that comes after intense soul-searching at the University of Minnesota over the future of its Child Development Center.


    When kids come to see 'Hamilton,' it's noisy downtown

    MPR - A couple of thousand Minnesota high school students will flood the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis Thursday for a matinee performance of "Hamilton." It's the second local event for "EduHam," which uses the hit show to teach academic skills.


    Big news at Como Zoo: Newborn giraffe enters world at 5 feet 8 inches tall

    Star TribuneThings will soon be looking up for many visitors to the Como Zoo in St. Paul, where a giraffe was born this week.


    13 Little Ways You Can Help Someone Who Has Experienced Trauma

    Huffington Post - It can be hard to watch a friend or loved one deal with the aftermath of a sexual assault or physical trauma and not know how to help them or what to say. But that doesn’t mean it’s better to disappear. Your support is imperative: Research shows that leaning on loved ones can have a multitude of benefits for trauma survivors, such as helping them to adjust back into normal life following their incident.


    Minnesota now offers 'X' for gender option on driver's licenses

    Star Tribune - There is now a third gender option for Minnesotans applying for a new or renewed driver's license.



    reTHINK your drink SLOW ROLL

    Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018 youth, youth workers and parents gathered at Commons Park the ReTHINK your drink Slow Roll. The event was held in partnership with the Minneapolis Health Department, Appetite for Change, Minnesota Health Department, Slow Roll, NENA, Neighborhood Hub, American Indian Center, Brian Coyle Center, Cultural Wellness Center and the Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board.

    Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

    Together, Better.