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Recent YCB Activity & Other News

Minneapolis Youth Congress Recruiting!

The MINNEAPOLIS YOUTH CONGRESS is currently recruiting new members! We're looking for passionate youth who want to help their community. What is MYC? Who should join? And how do you join? Find the answer to those questions & more by watching the video below. Oh, and spread the word! 

School Supply Drive at Harrison

The YCB Outreach team went out to Harrison on August 29th, 2019 to host a school supply drive right in time for school. It was a great event that brought the community together and hopefully prepared students for the upcoming school year. 

Prevent & Protect: Suicide Prevention Event

On August 16th, 2019 the YCB & others held a free event in Minneapolis to raise awareness on suicide prevention. There was a live DJ, workshops, and food. We thank everyone that worked on and attended the event.

YCB & MPLS Health Department Team Up

The Youth Coordinating Board's Outreach Team and City of Minneapolis Health Department teamed up on a CDC grant. They wanted to give folks an understanding of what the community in Minneapolis is like – highlight the great things and also talk about the real-life challenging things. They planned a bus tour to show people around and here are some of the photos collected from that endeavor. 

MSR Hosts Workshops For MYC

In July of 2019 MSR DESIGN planned & held 3-weeks of architectural design workshops for the Minneapolis Youth Congress. Everyone learned a lot & had a ton of fun. We want to thank MSR for being great community partner and for having a positive impact on youth!

Below is a short documentary highlighting our time at MSR. 

YCB Visits Minneapolis American Indian Center

In an effort to connect with youth of all backgrounds, the Youth Coordinating Board visited the MINNEAPOLIS AMERICAN INDIAN CENTER to gather input from youth for our Youth Master Plan. We thank the Minneapolis American Indian Center for being a gracious host!

You will find a short video & a photo gallery of our visit below. 

Celebrating Our MYC Senior Cohort

Simply put, the Minneapolis Youth Congress (MYC) are the go to group when entities in Minneapolis need youth help & input. The MYC have already shaped Minneapolis and will continue to do so in the future. Every year we welcome a new cohort of special youth, but we also have to say bye to another. Therefore, we wanted to celebrate our seniors by creating these highlight cards. Congrats to our senior class! Get out there and change the world!