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Recent YCB Activity & Other News

YCB's New COVID-19 Help Page

The COVID-19 pandemic is a scary time for everyone, but it's been uplifting to see the private sector, not-for-profits, governments, and communities all come together to make sure we make it through this crisis with minimum damage. The YCB is working diligently to connect with organizations to provide accurate information and to link people to needed resources. There is a lot of information floating around the internet independent of each other, but we haven't seen a page that consolidates announcements onto 1-page. Please visit OUR NEW COVID-19 PAGE HERE where you will find 3 categories of information — FOOD & RESOURCES, ANNOUNCEMENTS, CLOSURES & OPENINGS. 

If you have important information that should be added to this page, please send an email to

YCB's COVID-19 Help Page

Libraries Consensus Workshop

On March 4th, 2020 — both Hennepin County Library & St. Paul Public Library hosted a workshop with their staff to see how they can better serve their communities. The YCB & The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth were invited to facilitate. It was a great day where many ideas were shared. Thanks to everyone involved for sharing your thoughts and for doing great work!

Nesani Sabal - Meet A Youth Worker

The Minneapolis Afterschool Network highlights different youth workers within our community and today we introduce you to Nesani Sabal of We Win Institute. Nesani's big smile and positive energy makes our community that much better. We thank Nesani for her work and others doing the same work!

Minneapolis Agrees To Become Child Friendly City

"Every child has the right to grow up in an environment where they feel safe & secure, have access to basic services and clean air & water, can play, learn & grow, and where their voice is heard & matters." The YCB agrees with UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities Initiative and so do many working in Minneapolis. That's why we are thrilled that on February 14th, 2020 — the City of Minneapolis signed onto UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities Initiative. Many people who work daily to make Minneapolis the best city possible for children gathered inside City Hall to watch Mayor Jacob Frey sign this agreement. You can learn more about UNICEF's Child Friendly Cities Initiative HERE

Minnesota Daily Runs Article On Outreach Team

The Youth Coordinating Board's OUTREACH TEAM does amazing work every day. However, since a part of their work is to integrate themselves seamlessly into communities, it's often hard to spot the great work they do. With that said, it's always super nice when someone is willing to highlight their work. Big thanks to THE MINNESOTA DAILY for running a story on our Cedar-Riverside team. Find MN Daily's story and learn more about the Cedar-Riverside Outreach Team BY CLICKING HERE

And if you see the Outreach Team in their yellow You^th Are Here shirts please say hi! 

MN Daily's Article Here

Photos From M3 Huddle 2020

The YCB believes that a data is an important ingredient when thinking about program improvement. That's why we bring partners in to discuss their program data at our M3 Huddle. However, leveraging data to improve programs doesn't end at our M3 Huddle as it's a continuous project. We had a wonderful day meeting each other, sharing stories & experiences, eating a delicious lunch, and digging into our data. 

Lily Thiboutot - Meet A Youth Worker

The Minneapolis Afterschool Network highlights different youth workers within our community and today we introduce you to Lily Thiboutot of Minneapolis Community Education. Her thoughtfulness & care shine through in this video. Sanford Middle School is lucky to have someone like her at their school. We thank Lily for making time & sharing her story with us! 

Visit MYC Page

Updated Minneapolis Youth Congress Page

The work that the Minneapolis Youth Congress (MYC) does makes us extremely proud. We want to make sure the work that they do is captured & highlighted so we've redesigned the MYC page to help us do that.

  • We've streamlined the page to make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. 
  • We've put the most relevant updates up front. Now you can quickly catch up on MYC news even if you're just dropping by. 
  • We've built out a JOIN MYC PAGE so people can better understand our recruitment process & timeline. 
  • We now have a MYC ARCHIVE PAGE so people can review the work MYC has previously done. 

Thanks to all those that have supported MYC over all these years! We're very excited about 2020!