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Minneapolis Youth Congress

The Minneapolis Youth Congress (MYC) met for the first time on October 25th, 2007. They have since gone on to help various organizations with multiple projects — such as helping Hennepin County with their annual Teen Job & Opportunity Fair and helping the Minneapolis Health Department with their smoke-free initiative. MYC is currently made up of fifty 8th-12th grade students. This page will be updated on as MYC continues to do great work around the city.

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Recent MYC Activity & Other News

Interested in joining MYC? We bring in new passionate & caring youth every year! 


How We View It Podcast

The "How WE View It" Podcast by Minneapolis Youth Congress

Our Minneapolis Youth Congress have a new podcast titled How WE View It. It's a podcast that focuses on Minneapolis stories but from a youth perspective. The show was an idea created by Gisell Ayala over summer 2020 after the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis when it was important to hear everyone's voices. We're so very grateful that these amazing youth are willing to share their stories and voices with us. Please check it out, leave a review and share it with your network! 

HERE is a link to their Spotify page

LatinoLEAD Highlights Ramiro Vazquez Jr.'s Youth Work

We're always thrilled when youth work and youth workers get acknowledged. We get extra excited when the person being acknowledged is a part of the YCB family. Our very own Ramiro Vazquez Jr. was recently highlighted in a LatinoLEAD piece. A big thanks to LatinoLEAD for sharing this story and thanks to Ramiro for all the great work he does! 

Find full article HERE

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MYC Asks Mental Health Experts Questions

There is a lot going on in the world and especially here in Minneapolis. With so much going on, how do we properly identify these feelings and know if what we are feeling inside is healthy? The Minneapolis Youth Congress decided to track down some answers so they reached out to mental health experts at school-based clinics in Minneapolis. They asked questions like — Are these feelings good or bad? What is the normal amount of anxiety? What are some tips to prevent anxiety?

You can find our first 2 videos on the side or you can visit our YouTube page to watch our new mental health videos and many other videos. CLICK HERE for our YouTube page. 

Celebrating Our 2020 MYC Graduates

Graduation this year looks very different for seniors, but that shouldn't stop us from celebrating their accomplishments. In fact, we should be lifting up this year's graduating class even more because of the challenges they face as they transition to the next phase of their lives. We have an amazing class of Minneapolis Youth Congress members graduating this year and moving on to new endeavors. Thank you for all that you do and congrats! 

Full Article Here

YCB & MYC Members Highlighted By St. Thomas University

"No decision about us, without us!" Ramiro Vazquez Jr. — our Youth Development Specialist — and Chelsea Chingwe of MYC were highlighted in this recent article by St. Thomas University. We thank Ramiro & Chelsea for all the contributions and St. Thomas University of acknowledging their work. Find the FULL ARTICLE HERE

Initial Youth Investment Task Force Meeting

The Youth Investment Task Force — a coalition of the public, private, and civic sectors — held their initial meeting. Their aim is to better fund out of school time programming. The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board and the Minneapolis Youth Congress both were a part of this meeting. We hope to develop a strong plan that will serve youth & families in our city. 

Thanks to MAYOR JACOB FREY'S OFFICE for providing these photos.