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Youth Master Plan Recommendations

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Youth Master Plan Recommendations Executive Summary

Recommendation 1: Ensure that efforts and programs for children and young people are sustainably and adequately resourced.

  • 1.1: Support ongoing campaigns and coalitions seeking to increase benefits, pay, and prestige of the youth worker and early childhood workforces.
  • 1.2: Build out public-private partnerships to increase the capacity to pool resources for the benefit of children and young people in Minneapolis.
  • 1.3: Pivot Outreach work to a more systems-based role, including training other street outreach teams and building capacity within the community and organizations to adopt the YCB's piloted outreach model.
Youth Master Plan Recommendation 1

Recommendation 2: Support the increased participation and leadership of young people who reflect the demographic makeup of Minneapolis in our jurisdictional partners.

  • 2.1: Launch a Youth on Boards initiative, wherein local jurisdictions reserve a set amount of spots on boards, committees, and commissions for youth delegates with the YCB’s support.
  • 2.2: Increase access to trainings and technical support to enable jurisdictions to share power with young people who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and/or low-income.
  • 2.3: Hold twoYCB board meetings a year in conjunction with MYC to increase efficacy of the Minneapolis Youth Congress to create open and transparent channels of communication and influence between local decision makers and young people.
  • 2.4: Convene racial equity teams across all four jurisdictions to develop a strategy around departments incorporating systemic consideration of children and young people.
Youth Master Plan Recommendation 2

Recommendation 3: Increase advocacy for policy knowledge of youth issues among legislative bodies representing Minneapolis.

  • 3.1: YCB engages in an organizational planning process to build a policy role, including position priorities, responsibilities, and possible funding sources.
  • 3.2: YCB hosts an annual convening to identify policy priorities for the legislative session to identify legislative priorities and identify areas for action and/or support.
Youth Master Plan Recommendation 3

Recommendation 4: Use the YCB’s power, influence, and relationships to prioritize issues that are important to young people among our jurisdictional partners.

  • 4.1: Build an infrastructure that allows MYC staff and members to systematically consider and connect with topic areas of interest each term.
  • 4.2: Increase opportunities for youth voice on jurisdictional convenings on youth mental health to prioritize youth perspectives and bring programs to a larger audience of young people.
  • 4.3: Increase opportunities for youth voice on jurisdictional conventions on restorative justice and juvenile corrections.
  • 4.4: Support youth-led initiatives to promote environmental sustainability, including outreach strategies to change guidelines and practices that reduce waste and net carbon emissions.
Youth Master Plan Recommendation 4

Recommendation 5: Become a hub for trainings, supports, and resources for our jurisdictional partners who are in contact with young people.

  • 5.1: YCB becomes accredited for Continuing Education Units for service providers associated with trainings to increase incentives for partners to attend, give more legitimacy to YCB’s training work, and become a revenue stream by charging a small fee for CEU-eligible trainings.
  • 5.2: Build out training track for youth work veterans to provide a place to critically reflect, connect with peer youth workers, and engage in emotional self-care in order to increase retention.
  • 5.3: Re-vet the Authentic Connections model with young people and implement in non-youth worker trainings to become a common, standard model to build adult-youth connections.
Youth Master Plan Recommendation 5

Recommendation 6: Increase use of data in understanding the local landscape around youth to advance an equity agenda in decision making.

  • 6.1: Sustain and deepen the data collected in the Youth Master Plan Status of Youth report that monitors community-level outcomes and assesses progress towards organizational mission, goals, and Youth Master Plan progress.
  • 6.2: Develop infrastructure for a recurring model to collect qualitative and quantitative data from children, young people, and families to assess the state of young people and children in Minneapolis, assess the YCB's progress, share out meaningful data with our partners, and formalize the knowledge held within the YCB.
  • 6.3: Continue to build out infrastructure to aggregate, count, and analyze youth-serving programs across Minneapolis via the What’s Up 612! Program Finder using an equity lens to provide our staff, partners, and community members with information.
Youth Master Plan Recommendation 6

Recommendation 7: Reinstate our commitment to children and young people age 0-24 in Minneapolis.

Youth Master Plan Recommendation 7