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Recent YCB Activity & Other News

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New YCB Data Page Now Open

We are becoming more of a data driven society. We hope that data will inform the work we all do so that we can see greater impacts in our community. On our new Data Page, you will find data that we have collected across public bodies in Minneapolis in one place to explore data trends and learn more about the young people of Minneapolis. Data is pulled from sources like the U.S. Census, Minneapolis Public Schools, Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, and the Minnesota Student Survey and compiled into different dashboards to more easily access and understand outcomes for young people in Minneapolis. You may also download raw files of most of the charts and graphs in Excel format. We hope this will be a useful resource to the community, and we will continue to keep this page updated as we compile new data and update existing data. 

YCB & MYC Celebrate International Youth Day 2021

International Youth Day 2021 was on August 12th this year and we could think of no better way to celebrate the day than to raise youth voice. We asked members of our Minneapolis Youth Congress to speak about this year's theme — "Transforming Food Systems" — and of course they had something insightful to say. Please check out our video with the Minneapolis Youth Congress (video on the right) and United Nations' page on International Youth Day HERE


Minneapolis & MYC Highlighted in new UNICEF Article

In 2020, the City of Minneapolis signed on to pursue a Child Friendly City recognition from UNICEF. We — along with everyone else — have been through a lot since we agreed to take on this work. However, a lot of progress has also been made. Recently, UNICEF USA wrote an article to celebrate the success of Minneapolis and other cities working diligently to make their cities and the world a more youth friendly place. Please check out this new article HERE where you will see a photo of Mayor Frey with our Minneapolis Youth Congress. 

More Funding To Help You With Energy Bills

The last year has been tough, but help is on the way. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan there is more money for Minnesota's Energy Assistance Program. The Program can help both eligible renters and homeowners by:

  • Paying up to $1,600 for energy bills
  • Providing more assistance, if needed for past due bills, to avoid disconnection, or get reconnected
  • Repairing or replacing homeowners’ furnaces
  • Providing referrals to the Weatherization Assistance Program for free home improvements to conserve energy and lower future energy bills. 

Learn more and apply HERE

Energy Assistance Program Website

The Dangers of Skin Lightening Products Video

It isn't widely known, but skin lightening products are very harmful. For example, they contain dangerous chemicals like mercury. We've teamed up with the Minneapolis Health Department to create this new video that informs on the dangerous of skin lightening products. Hear directly from people in Minneapolis — Emani, Fatou, Oumou, and Dr. Tareen teach us more about the history and harmful effects of skin-lightening products. Please share this video and help inform people in your network about the dangers of skin lightening.

Hard in the Paint Hoops Summer 2021

This summer our Outreach Team will conduct a new basketball program called "Hard in the Paint Hoops." It's a program that creates a safe space for youth to develop individual and team building skills. Youth will be put in situations to grow physically and mentally in efforts to come out as better basketball players but also better human beings. Please learn more at this website

Camp Dates:

  • Henry High School | June 21st - June 24th

  • Peavey Field Park | July 12th - July 15th

  • North Commons Park | July 19th - July 22nd

  • Brian Coyle Neighborhood Center | August 9th - August 12th

Hard in the Paint Hoops

A Conversation About Colorism

We are also working with the Minneapolis Health Department to raise awareness on the dangers of skin lightening products, so we're thrilled to share WellShare International's new video on colorism featuring members of Minneapolis. Please share this video with your network and be on the lookout for more information on skin lightening products. 

YCB & MYC Present at Public Health & Safety Committee Meeting

At the May 6, 2021 Public Health & Safety Committee gathering, we were given time to speak about the Youth Engagement Survey on Reimagining Public Safety. The video has since been uploaded to YouTube and you can now view it on demand. Our section begins around the 48:40 mark. Big thanks to Mikayla, Mazine & Elise!